Meet the Ladies Who Critique Ambassadors & Forum Moderators!

Meet the Ladies Who Critique Ambassadors & Forum Moderators!

I am so so so grateful for the support of all of our Ladies Who Critique members, simply put I couldn’t do it alone. When we launched 3 weeks ago I shouted out for ‘ambassadors‘ to help me to run the site and help with run the forums which play an important part in the community. Today I’d like to introduce some lovely ladies who are helping me to do just that.


Miranda (@miranda)

Moderating: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy and Romance groups.

Miranda is a web and graphic designer in New York City, where she lives with two mentally disturbed cats and an alarming number of dresses. She wrote stories as a child (mostly about aliens abducting her from her crazy family), and later rediscovered her love for writing while recovering from an injury that ended her dance career. She’s been writing Adult and YA Urban Fantasy ever since. She loves tea, monsters, belting showtunes at inappropriate times, and chatting it up with other fancy ladies. You can reach her at miranda [at] fancyterrible [dot] com, where she is happy to provide writerly support or cat pictures.




Jean (@jeanlauzier)

Moderating: Short Stories, and Crime & Mystery

Jean Lauzier is a stay-at-home mom and writer who balances her time between home schooling, writing, and laundry.  She writes mystery as a way to take out her frustrations, romance, because the world needs more and fantasy cause sometimes, we just need to escape and explore new worlds.  Jean also enjoys most critters (not itty bitty spiders though), outdoors stuff and playing in the dirt. Her goal of having a novel published sits right up next to keeping a bonsai tree alive for more than 6 months.





Celeste (@xaenyth)

Moderating: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy and Coffee Shop groups.

Celeste Souza is an aspiring author and marshmallow-holic.
She’s fallen in love with this crazy cool writing thing and is on a mission to get published in the next few years. She lives at home with her five children and her extremely calm husband, who is the pefect balance to her insanity. She loves punk rock music and spending so much time on the computer, her fingers cramp.
She will be buried with a life-size picture of Henry Rollins
and her arms wrapped tightly around her copy of The Sims 3.



Karen (@karencampion)

Moderating: Chick Lit

Karen Campion is a writer living in Chicago with her husband, two young sons and stepson. Karen’s self-published chick lit novel, Chasing Avenues, sold over 3,500 copies. She is currently seeking representation for her follow-up manuscript, a chick lit suspense thriller, Disguised Reflection, and her children’s series, Bed Bugs Bedtime Adventures. Concurrently, she is writing a suspense thriller with the working title One More Moment. She started her career in radio, but quickly moved into media and advertising, ultimately working on media promotions with Cirque du Soleil North America. She spends her free time writing, running, playing with her family and enjoying good wine.




In addition to the ambassadors, we have some fabulous volunteer moderators:

Lit fiction: Tori







Historical: Heidi






These groups are still in need of moderators!


 – Young Adult


– Non-fiction


  – Memoir


 – Action-adventure


– Children’s Lit


– Short Stories


  – Poetry


 – Erotica


– Self Help/ How to



If you think you’ve got what it takes to keep an eye on the forum daily and keep conversation from going wayward, please get in touch about becoming a moderator for one of these groups!

It would be so, so great to have you on board 🙂

Have a great weekend all!

– Laura

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