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Alex Logsdon


Hi! I am a graphic designer who loves middle grade sci-fi and fantasy! Though I’ve been writing sporadically since I was in elementary school, over the past two years I’ve buckled down and gotten serious about my aspirations in children’s literature. I am currently fast drafting my second novel. Since I am not prepared to actually trade pages at the moment, I’d love to find a CP who is in it for the accountability, camaraderie, and love of kidlit. I would be very willing to critique work even when I have nothing to trade but ideas and sloppy drafting. My goal is mostly to develop relationships with other children’s writers. 🙂

For a sense of my taste and where my writing most closely aligns: I love Neil Gaiman(Coraline, The Graveyard Book), Lois Lowry(The Giver), Patrick Ness(A Monster Calls). I tend towards stranger or darker. I grew up on fun fantasy adventure like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Leven Thumps.

As a graphic designer, I have extensive critiquing experience and am all about honesty, specificity and pushing the work. I also believe that design has helped me develop a keen conceptual sense and sensitivity to how detail communicates on the page. I noticed how applicable my training is when I’ve had the opportunity to critque other’s work in writing courses. So while I am young and am not the most experienced writer on the block, I think that I have a sharp eye because of design and my lifetime of immersion in books.

I noticed the URL field, so I figured I could attach my graphic design portfolio! It’s about a year old because I’m not looking for a job right now– don’t judge haha! But I think it provides some insight into how I think! I don’t know, or just for fun. 🙂