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Christina Henson


My steady paychecks come from my experience as a Sr. IT Project Manager. I’m an aspiring (and ever-learning) author of Paranormal Urban Fantasy suitable for Young Adult and Adult readers. I’m also a Spiritual Adviser, so my writing includes metaphysical aspects such as energy work, seeing auras, etc.
Query: UNIVERSE KEEPERS 1 – RECLAIM, is an Urban Fantasy novel about a troubled teen who discovers she’s a gifted healer that may have to turn killer to survive her destiny as a protectress of the Universe. It is complete at 85,344 words.
At nine, KRISTA’S fire-power accidentally kills an abusive foster-parent. Horrified by her actions, Krista locks her magic in a mental-prison deep inside her subconscious, cuts her connection to her paranormal friends, and denies her destiny.
Krista’s fate slams into her eight years later—a fire erupts at school, and a salamander uncoils from within a fire ball demanding Krista remember who she as evil is already upon them. Krista recalls the dangerous monster inside her, ignores his pleas, and runs away. Later, hell-hounds find her, and a supernatural earthquake rips through the library she’s hiding in. An other-world portal materializes, and Krista leaps in to save herself.
While in-between, an unknown source snatches Krista and throws her onto a dangerous planet. A hungry Stone-troll attacks, Krista slips through his granite clutches, and is rescued by a Star-lion who descends from the sky. He urges Krista to embrace her destiny to protect the Universe and carries her to another planet. Through misadventures, Krista discovers she’s a healer. Terrified her powers may kill someone again, she refuses to crack open her mental lockboxes and access the magic the Elementals taught her.
Krista’s resolve will be tested because the MASTER-MALICE wants her allegiance for his own dark purposes. He plans to suck the life-force out of each soul that wronged him and drain every planet dry. He’s twisting innocent animals into walking, talking, human-like creatures, and sending them to capture Krista. But the vile, creature-malices have their own agenda; they want to crack open Krista’s chest and slurp out her soul-light to amplify their own powers.
Krista may have to convert from healer to killer to survive her destiny. And she must get back to Earth to someone she left in the group home.
As a Reiki Master Energy healer, medium, and spiritual adviser, my understanding of spiritual energy helped me create the magical system in this novel.
This work resembles Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson novels in its approach to bringing the mythical creatures of fable into modern day threats.