Basic Info




Six years ago I married to my soulmate and best friend, a retired army officer. With this in mind, I try to sneak in writing whenever I can which is when he goes to the gym each morning, except on Sundays. That is when you can find me in my bathrobe with coffee in hand spending most of this precious time reading the Bible, devotionals, and an array of different books about the Holy Spirit. In this time of immersion, basking in His grace and Holy Communion I like to journal. I have notebooks full plus an array of documents on multiple subjects. I’ve been lead to produce writings and a book/s from this. So, here I am.
I also have compiled writings with a female protagonist to be used in a fiction novel format separated out in genres from chapter book through adult. Maybe you could also help me to figure out the right way to put all this material together, or just leave them separate for multiple books. Does this make sense to you?
Currently, I have no published pieces.
Together, my husband and I sing a duet almost every Sunday at our local non-denominational church, Household of Faith.
Jesus put on my heart to become a prayer warrior and to start a prayer chain. I followed his calling on my life and did so through our church in 2014? that is quite active. We have seen many miracles and healings through it.
I’m currently 59 years-old, barren, on my third marriage, I was an only child, so no brothers and sisters. Fortunately, my cousins and step-cousins and I get along so they include us sometimes with their families.