Em Rowene

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Em Rowene


Hello everyone! I’m a law student, writer, and publishing intern. My current project is “Fractured Magic.”




The synopsis is as follows:




When the King of Alfheimr is kidnapped by a magic-wielding creataian in a world where magic doesn’t– shouldn’t– exist, the alfar threaten war. To appease them, the world’s united council of species and peoples, called Unity, puts together a diplomatic team to negotiate King Nochdvor’s return. Unbeknownst to the alfar, however, Unity slips several of its most competent and ruthless soldiers into the team with a second, secret mission: find and take the magic at any cost, even if it means betraying the rest of the team or sacrificing Nochdvor.




Roman Hallisey, secretly the mysterious hero of stories known as Amarak, secures a place on Unity’s team as an area guide, determined to protect the creataians from Unity’s greed and get the magic– if it exists– away from both parties. Little does he know that this magic he seeks is the same kind as the magic an angel-like creature hid and locked away in his soul during his childhood. When, on the journey, this volatile magic somehow gets awoken, Roman has to make it before it corrupts and rots him from the inside out. If he fails, his friends- and enemies- may have to stop him.