Jillian Swinford

Basic Info


Jillian Swinford


Fisheries Biologist and novice writer.  I typically work within the realm of soft fantasy/sci fi.  Working on revisions on a soft sci-fi full manuscript (~130,000 words) with the intent to publish.  I am also an adjunct professor for a scientific writing course, so I am not a novice when it comes to revision.


Anthropocene Synopsis:

The year is 2792.  North America is a poisoned wasteland, the tropics are uninhabitable due to soaring temperatures and constant category five hurricanes, and the last strongholds of humanity are pushed into the far northern regions of the planet.  Charlie Beauregard, a scientist long estranged from her religious family, and Lee Sorenson, a young Lieutenant and Navigator from the Greenland Colonies, set off on a voyage to cross the equator into the Southern Hemisphere, an undertaking no one has attempted in 400 years.

When they set sail in their state-of-the-art tall ship, they expect to leave the political turmoil of their country behind.  Charlie wants to erase her past, and forget her family, and Lee wishes to pay a debt to the Captain.  Amidst all the dangers that the ocean can throw at them, they begin to understand that they brought the unrest along for the ride.  Between the treacheries of the crew, the threats of Russian privateers, and the full-on wrath of Mother Nature herself, Lee and Charlie must fight for their very lives.  In a voyage that will push them to the brink, Charlie and Lee must begin to trust each other for their survival.