K.Ann Burchby

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K.Ann Burchby


I love to read and aspire to write contemporary romance, new adult, and young adult romances. Love is something that spans all ages, nationalities, and genders. It is the one thing all humans have in common. We all crave to be needed and loved. It doesn’t matter who you are we all want to matter to someone.

I have one novel almost completed and others in various stages. I am looking for an honest long time critiquing partner, who will give it to me straight. I have done a fair amount of beta reading for others through Goodreads and belong to a critiquing group of five with members across the world.

A little about me. I’m a forty-one-year-old interior designer who runs a successful design company doing architectural lease space drawings for three franchise companies in Canada. I have two awesome teenage kids and one husband who loves and supports me. I love reading (obviously), movies, tv dramas, wine, chocolate, hiking, exploring and camping.