Basic Info




I am in my 30s and have traveled all over the world, which has given me a well rounded perspective.


I’m currently editing my completed YA fantasy novel that I plan on submitting by end of the year. I’m open to working with all types of different people — those that have same interests as me and those that differ. I believe that different perspectives bring different strengths. I’m happy to exchange 20 pages or so on a weekly basis. My ideal partner has a completed manuscript (not picky about genre) and they’ve done a complete pass through at least once. That would mean that basics would be out of the way (no grammar or spelling to worry about etc.).


In a critique, I’m looking for a partner that is able to go beyond the surface issues and offer suggestions to improve the overall work. In exchange, I’d offer the same in depth review of your piece. If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to message me.


I look forward to meeting you!