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+ There’s an eBook gold rush, and more women than ever are putting pen to paper and writing the book they have always dreamed of. Ladies Who Critique is making than dream a reality by offering writers a chance to build their confidence and get the feedback needed to write a great book.

+ In the self publishing era, Ladies Who Critique gives would-be authors the chance to find beta readers before publication drastically improving the quality of self-published books.

+ Writers are no longer the lonely, solo types they were once perceived to be. They are becoming an ever increasing interactive community and Ladies Who Critique is evidence of the fact.

+ The writing process is no longer a lonely one with Ladies Who Critique.

+ In an age when online dating is the norm, finding friends and support is the next internet trend, referencing Ladies Who Critique.

+ Ladies Who Critique helps writers who lack confidence in their writing and work take the next leap.

+ For writers with writing block, having a critique partner is the best remedy.

+ Critique partners are the best way to get your novel up to scratch before submitting to an agent or publishing house.


About the founder, Laura Pepper Wu

Laura is…

Co-founder and Head of Promotions of an independent publishing house: 30 Day Books

Author of Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days, The Stress Free Guide to Leaving Japan, 50 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Chic & Fabulous Wedding

Editor of 30 Day GMAT Success: Edition 2

Expert in the field of self-publishing, digital books, book marketing and promotions.

Committee member of a local writer’s group

A 20 -something British girl who has a BS in Psychology, lived in Japan for 3.5 years after college where she worked for the JET Programme and the European Union Delegation to Tokyo. She is fanatical about reading and writing Chick Lit, practicing yoga daily, most things Japan-related and discovering unique coffee shops in new cities.

She lives in California with her two biggest loves; her dog and her husband Brandon Wu.


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