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October Time Suck, Heading “Home” to England, Culture Shock & What’s In a Name? A Life Update from Yours Truly

October Time Suck, Heading “Home” to England, Culture Shock & What’s In a Name? A Life Update from Yours Truly



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Time is flying.


The Japanese saying is time is flying like an arrow which I feel is much more visual and appropriate. Yes, time is flying like an arrow. I can hardly believe that it is mid October.


That means that the holidays will soon be upon us, and we all know what THAT means; the bizarre time suck that we all enter into and basically get plopped out of the other side of in early January.


My own holidays are beginning early this year; today I’ll be heading “home” to England to surprise my Mama for her birthday (in case of course she reads this before I land. . .) 10 days of English weather should certainly prepare me for my next big adventure – our move to Seattle in November. I should probably start taking my vitamin D supplements anytime now!


Each time I travel or move to a new place I make a completely uncensored list of “culture shocks”, things that strike me as odd or unusual compared to whichever environment I have been living in for a while. This happens a lot, even when I land in London the reverse culture shock I feel can be the most striking of all. The feeling that what should be comfortable and familiar no longer is, is a strange one. I’ll be sure to jot down my findings this time around and share them with you next month. Since I’ve been living in SoCal for nearly 2 years now I have grown quite accustomed to the lifestyle.


Last week Juliette Wade of Talk to You Universe asked me to write about my observations for the reverse scenario (how does a Brit see the US (California) for the first time?) for her ‘Culture Share’ series on her blog. I thought back to early 2010 and dug out the notes I made then in my travel journal. Here are some of them (raw and unedited) that you might enjoy!:


– Clean, cute streets and houses, perfect lawns, streets on a grid system

– Everything is bigger!! 1 gallon milk, fridge, washing machine

– I saw a lady holding a soda that was bigger than her head. She needed to hold it with 2 hands

– Told B [my husband] he made a mistake b/cos we parked in the “compact car” space. Apparently our car is a compact car?? (It looks big to me…)

– Lots of people where clothes that are too big for them

– Lots of donut shops. Eat these for breakfast?

– Basketball hoops everywhere, no football (soccer) fields

– Mountains are beautiful!!

– Post boxes are at the end of the driveway! How convenient for Mr. Postman

– Nobody talks about the weather here (I mention it every morning to blank faces…)

– Don’t sit down to drink coffee, walk around with it

– Great, cheap fruit everywhere

– Lots of churches

– Lots of flags

– Everyone is super friendly – “have a nice day!”


Though I didn’t really know where to begin for my guest post, I ended up writing a post called “What’s in a name & other US/UK language differences.” You can read that post here.


How about you? Have you ever experienced culture shock (or reverse culture shock) and did you write about it? I’d love to hear about it! I’m handing the blog over to some very talented guest posters while I’m away being “shocked”, so see you in November, folks!

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