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“Place is not simply what you see. Hit all the senses. That way the location becomes vibrant.” Q&A with Therese

Thérèse is the author of INDIA’S SUMMER, a compelling story of a single woman about to turn forty who travels to LA in an attempt to reinvent her life. The book has been praised by Jane Green, Orlando Bloom and Goldie Hawn. I invited Thérèse to answer 7 quick-fire questions and 3 expert tips for successfully using location as a character in the story (India’s Summer is set in LA & London). Find out more about the book below this fab Q&A!


7 Quick Fire Questions

1. Favorite place to write?

 I have a lovely home office, but somehow during the course of the day always end up multi- tasking and my computer, papers, coffee cups and clutter ends up strewn across the kitchen table.


2. Favorite celebrity chef?

Gordon Ramsay. I love the trouble -shooting, the tears, the fury the swearing, the frustration. I’m hopeless at following a recipe though.


3. Most interesting job you’ve ever held

Well I’m not sure ‘ held ‘ is quite the word, but I suppose selling Afghan coats in Turkey proved interesting. I was a student earning my way during a summer in Europe. I would go to the market and tell the tourists who were looking at the stalls that the prices were better at Orhan’s factory, then bring them there. The best part was that it was actually true and people went away very happy.


4. Childhood obsession?

Ballet. I am still prone to the occasional pirouette around the house.


5. Last movie you saw in the theaters

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Such a delight. You want to pack your bags and head straight for Jaipur.


6. Dream travel destination

The moon


7. PC or Mac?



3 Expert Tips for successfully using location as a character in the story (LA, London)


1. You can only write convincingly about a place if when you are describing it when you see it clearly in your mind’s eye. So try writing about a place you know really well.

2. Place is not simply what you see. Hit all the senses. That way the location becomes vibrant.

3. Check out all the facts and try to avoid clichés. Your take on a place will be unique. Make it as authentic as possible. 


Indias Summer by ThereseAbout India’s Summer

Jane Green calls it, “A furious, fast-paced, fun romp.” Orlando Bloom praises, “India’s Summer avoids the familiar cliches of LA and yet captures the characters of the city so well.” Goldie Hawn marvels, “India’s fascinating character is what makes India’s Summer a compelling read.”  New York Times bestselling author and spiritual leader, Eckhart Tolle and model and author, Miranda Kerr are also raving about INDIA’S SUMMER. 
Single and about to turn forty, India Butler, a grade school teacher in London is having a meltdown. Desperate to reinvent her life she flies out to LA to spend the summer with her sister Annabelle a famous Hollywood actress and her brother in law a legendary rock musician. She maintains a wry detachment until she begins dating Adam, a gorgeous A- list actor. In an attempt to appear more successful she tells him she creates and teaches motivational workshops. 
When Adam’s friend is in a drunk-driving accident, Annabelle finds a lump on her throat and a mutual friend’s stepdaughter overdoses, India is drawn behind the veneer of Hollywood glitz and glamour and into their private lives. As her illusions about the perfection of their LA lifestyle fade away, India has an epiphany about her own real talents. She begins designing the kinds of classes and workshops she has fantasized about to Adam and successfully launches a series of workshops to help parents relate to their teenage children. She also drafts a book proposal.

In love with a movie star and with a burgeoning new career as a self- help guru, India is in her element until a defamatory video, filmed of her venting to Annabelle soon after her arrival goes viral. Her new life unravels. Humiliated and depressed, she returns to London where she repairs the damage with those closest to her. When her agent calls with news that he has sold her book proposal she takes control of her life. Shakily re-united with Adam and still balancing life on both sides of the pond, she returns to America to promote her book.
Where to find Thérèse online

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