Sarah Pekkanen’s 7 Quick Fire Questions, 3 Expert Tips

Sarah Pekkanen’s 7 Quick Fire Questions, 3 Expert Tips

SarahPekkanenThis weeks 7 Quick Fire Questions & 3 Tips (a weekly feature) is with Sarah Pekkanen, author of These Girls. Find out about this fantastic new release at the bottom of the interview!

Sarah’s dream dinner date is Ryan Gosling, what d’ya say about that?

– Laura


7 Quick Fire Questions


1. Dream dinner date  Ryan Gosling. No, a shirtless Ryan Gosling. So we couldn’t go to one of those “No shoes, no shirt, no service” places.

2. Writing routine In the car, on the couch, in the waiting room for the orthodontist, at morning, at night…. you get the idea.

3. Extrovert or Introvert Both. I crave solitude at times, but I also love being around people.


4. The last book you read The Beginner’s Goodbye by Anne Tyler.

5. Favorite season Spring.

6. Your everyday petit plaisir   Chocolate 

7. Dream travel destination Australia, mate!


3 Expert Tips for maintaining wonderful female friendships.

1. Be there for the little moments as well as the big ones.

2. Compliment your friends; women beat themselves up all the time, so let your kind words undo some of that self-inflicted damage.

3. Add wine when necessary. 


These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen

In her third novel, These Girls, internationally bestselling author Sarah Pekkanen examines the lives of three women working and living together in New York City and shows that family secrets may shape us all, but it’s the rich, complicated layers of friendship that can save us.

Cate, Renee, and Abby have come to New York for very different reasons, and in a bustling city of millions, they are linked together through circumstance and chance. Cate has just been named the features editor of Gloss, a high-end lifestyle magazine. Cate’s roommate Renee will do anything to nab the plum job of beauty editor at Gloss. Then there’s Abby, whom they take in as a third roommate.

Pekkanen’s most compelling, true-to-life novel yet tells the story of three very different women as they navigate the complications of careers and love—and find the lifeline they need in each other.

Find out more about Sarah at

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