Friday Round Up | Site Update: LWC (& Me) Are Going Places!

Friday Round Up | Site Update: LWC (& Me) Are Going Places!

Hello hello!

Since we just celebrated our one month anniversary (doesn’t time fly!) I want to give you a brief update of the improvements happening behind the scenes at Ladies Who Critique!

1. Site Development:

After a long period searching for the right developer, we have found just who we need in the form of Sophia Viklund of Backcode Development. I can’t tell you how excited I was to meet Sophia and knew from the get go that she shared our excitement and vision for the site. Sophia will be working on improving the existing site, her priorities being the organization of the forum and optimizing the search function.

We are hoping that with Sophia’s help we can be out of the beta stages by the end of 2011!



2. Professional Services:

While a good critique partner is worth her weight in gold, if you are serious about getting published you might at some point wish to enlist the help of a ‘been there done that’ published author and manuscript critique professional. While there is no shortage of authors offering their services around the web, I have handpicked my favorites and can ensure you these women are experienced, enthusiastic and professional. You can find our professional manuscript critique listings here.


3. 500 Member Giveaway on the Horizon:

When I started LWC I had no idea we would reach 300 members in the first month! It looks like reaching 500 members is just around the corner, and in order to celebrate this I am planning a big giveaway contest when we hit the big 5 0 0 (October? November?). If you are a member of an organization, company or service and would like to sponsor the giveaway, no matter how small, please get in touch!

laura {at} ladieswhocritique {dot} com


4. Finally… I’m moving to Seattle!

My last piece of news for the week is that come November I will be heading up the West Coast and moving from California to Seattle, WA! While I’ve never been to Seattle it’s an excellent opportunity for both my husband and I to live somewhere new and make new connections in both the book and game industry. Plus I’m super excited about the following:













Bookstores! Coffee! Good public transport!!


If you’re a Ladies Who Critique member in the Seattle area, please holler and tell me what else the Emerald city has to offer! I’ll be looking to join a book club and writer’s group, and just to meet other like-minded women writers in general. Drop me an email!

And there you have the round up for this week. Share your news as always, & happy critiquing y’all!




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