The Write Space

The Write Space

I’m sad to say that my home writing space just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. The table in my living room which I work my day job at from M-F is fine – productive even – but try to get anything creative out of me while I’m sitting there, and… NADA. The words don’t flow.

Some people might be able to write everywhere and anywhere. I find that my environment does affect the way I write. Back in California I had a tea shop where the idea for my novel started, and it was there that I got most of my writing done. It may have been a mental placebo effect, but I somehow felt that each time I visited that very tea shop the words would just fly onto the paper. Oh how I miss you, dear tea shop.


Stephen King in On Writing suggests that we put our desk in the corner and not in the middle of the room. Truman Capote said he had to write lying down, on a couch or in bed, with a cigarette and coffee (!). Philip Roth writes standing up, and never writes where he lives. There is a reason that coffee shops are filled with writers and creative types.

So this weekend I’m making it a priority to re-define my writing space. I know this seems like time that could be spent actually writing, but like anything in life, I believe that perfecting the groundwork will take us a long way.

Here is some of my inspiration:


Image via

Bright and colorful… I can feel the creativity from here!


 Image via

I love a desk that faces outside, and this will be where you’ll find me at any coffee shop. While some writers don’t like the distraction of outside goings on, I feel that the hustle and bustle of outside keep me motivated and energetic.




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I’m not even sure what I like about this one. The big scribble pad for sure – I’m a furious scribbler. The wooden objects are soothing me somehow. The trees outside look perfect.


You can follow my writing space inspiration board on Pinterest here!


What does your writing space look and feel like? Leave a comment below, or even better send on a pic and I’ll post some of your spaces next week!


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2 thoughts on “The Write Space

  1. I have been needing to set up a writing space. A couch just does not cut it. My hubby and I are saving up for a desk to be placed in the corner of our bedroom.

    Great post. And I love the inspiration.

  2. None of those beautiful pics look anything like my writing space. I have a small desk sitting in the corner of my living room. However, it is a catch-all for papers, a huge cup filled with pens, my printer, and file boxes.

    I write sitting in my comfy chair with my lap top on a small portable table. It is perfect and when I am stuck and need to plan out the next word, sentence or scene, I can sit back in my chair and be comfy, too as I ponder my WIP. I think if I had a big space or office, I would still end up right here in my chair.

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