When Writers Block Hits… Once Bitten, Twice Blocked

When Writers Block Hits… Once Bitten, Twice Blocked

“I wanna while away my hours reading books beneath the sunny boughs of leafy trees…” trills the Big Band music wafting in through my outdated TV.

And this is exactly what I have been doing for the past two months – avoiding my book and my blog.


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The writing bug bit me hard about two years ago when I started writing. I had just read Julie and Julia and decided, like many other women looking for a creative outlet, to start my own blog.

I had random thoughts. (Brain “fluffies”, since sophisticated women such as you and I don’t fart – we “fluffy”.)

I had opinions. (Mostly centered around which donut is better – a rainbow sprinkled cake or a glazed twist. Jury’s still out, in case you were wondering. I’d be glad to have another taste test with you just to gain more perspective, though.)

I did just fine with the blog. There was one point over those two years that I didn’t write as much, but picking up the pen – er, computer – was the easy way out. Magically, the ideas started flowing again.

It was only when I started really taking the prospect of writing a book and marketing my blog seriously that suddenly the desire to write went entirely out the window. This was no joke now. I was taking my work and sending it out into the world for a broader audience to see it. I imagined eventually being able to hug my first bestseller and have the Sally Field Oscar moment whilst jumping up and down in my kitchen, screaming “you really like me!” But in order to do that, I first had to have ideas.

One night after finally making the big decision to start writing a book, the subject came to me. Chapter ideas fell into place like clockwork. Friends hoorah’d for me. I felt like I was on top of the world!

Sadly, after I reached Chapter 4, words ran out on me, making me feel like a jilted bride. And to make matters worse, the cow took my blog ideas with her! I could imagine my book and my blog out sunning themselves on some tropical beach, sipping Mai Tai’s, giggling about how they left me high and dry. As all women do when they are feeling lost and alone, I turned to procrastination and avoidance. I mean, if it doesn’t exist and I don’t pick it back up, is there really a problem?

Psss… donuts are a great enabler to avoidance.


As are cranberry vodkas.

I procrastinated on Facebook. After all, watching that video about some cat turning on and drinking from the kitchen faucet by himself is pure genius!

I reread my yearly horoscope and looked back over the last seven months to see if I could twist the meaning of it to apply in some way to my life. Since it didn’t foretell of sweeping riches or Ryan Gosling becoming my cabana boy, I moved on to other outlets.

I cleaned, I organized, I de-cluttered. I embraced my inner-Monica Gellar. (She likes it when I procrastinate because I get to go all type-A on everything except the thing that I really should be tackling. The girl practically swoons each time I take a Q-Tip to my netbook keyboard.)

And suddenly, ideas for my blog began to flow. Ideas about everything from how cheetah-print chonies make me feel like a sex-kitten, to a new drinking game I’m developing for the Food Network channel, and how I like to antagonize my friends by bombarding their Facebook pages with cringe-inducing jokes on their birthdays. That’s just how I roll.

There’s no rhyme or reason why writer’s block happens and why it suddenly disappears. Sometimes it’s just about a friend giving you a nudge in the form of an opportunity to write for her new website. Any way you look at it, I’ve been bitten by this writing bug again, and ain’t no one gonna come near me with Calomine lotion! (That’s fancy writer’s talk for “#winning”!)

Yours in love and writing,

The Single Girl

The Single Girl is a writer and blogger in Northern CA. She writes about her search for elusive love, her crazy cats, and life as a single mother of a tween. Catch her on tailsfromthesac.blogspot.com or Twitter @TheSingleGirlTFTS.


How do you deal with writers block? Any tips for finding inspiration? Leave your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “When Writers Block Hits… Once Bitten, Twice Blocked

  1. Hi Laura, I wanted to thank you for the lovely comment and I absolutely love this post by The Single Girl! Embracing her inner Monica Geller was hilarious! I too find that cleaning helps with writers block and as I always say…cleaning one’s toilet keeps one humble 🙂

    The part of the cat was hilarious too. OMG…the other day I saw video of cats using light sabers.

    *looks away guiltily and promptly puts Photoshop down on her Christmas shopping list* 😉

  2. I’m avoiding my novel like I owe it money.

    I’m Chapter 24. But having done this a dozen times, i know for me–I wait it out. And one weekend, I’ll turn out six new chapters until then I roll with it.

    Still it sucks.

    I’m teaching myself Photoshop while I wait. 🙂

    HI FELLOW CAMPAIGNER!!! Just saying hi.


    • Hi Tirz!
      Sometimes that’s the best way, no? Rolling with it and not forcing it. But yeah, don’t wait forever 😉 Photoshop, cool! On my to-do list for sure. Let us know how you get on with it!

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