Why you don’t need to go to heaven any time soon. AKA a new contest!

Why you don’t need to go to heaven any time soon. AKA a new contest!

Hey you, you’re looking good.


Back in August when Ladies Who Critique launched (yes we’re 5 months young!) I announced the monthly ‘Stairway to Heaven’ contest that encourages members to submit photos of themselves holding the sign below:

*The tagline for Ladies Who Critique is Take Your Writing to the Next Level, hence the many stairs references throughout the site and in our logo. Just sayin’*

Winners of the contest win a 25 page critique with moi, and though I’m no expert I do pride myself on a damn fair, thorough and constructive critique.

Now, the contest has been a bit of a flop. I’m talking less than a handful of entries since it’s birth which leads me to the following conclusions:


1. Y’all don’t like having your picture taken (hey! I told you you’re looking good)

2. Y’all don’t want a critique from me (fair enough, no hard feelings)

3. I haven’t advertised the contest sufficiently (true, it’s been a while)

4. I can see now that the name ‘Stairway to Heaven’ might be a huge turn-off. I really don’t know why I didn’t see before that y’all might not want to take the stairs to your death anytime soon, even if it is to the Heavenly place.



So. Here’s what I’m gonna do!

1. We shall rename the contest ‘Win a critique with Laura’ just to keep things nice and simple.

2. There will be no references to heaven, death or anything else in the after life/ reincarnation/ [insert your belief here].

3. I will advertise it on the forums and in the next newsletter (coming January 28th)


The truth is I WANT to read your work and help you improve it. I enjoy all that stuff even though I don’t have the time to critique regularly these days. I’m a bit like the LWC Mama, I get all proud when I read the wonderful work you do (though I promise to stay objective and give you my real deal suggestions. That’s not to be messed with.)

Barbara, LWC member in Italy

So, this weekend, I’m CHALLENGING you to go out there and take a pic. I know you have a camera phone/ and or other portable device. And if you really don’t like having your picture taken, get creative! I don’t need to see your face on for it to be a winner. Even though I think it’s lovely.


Shouldn’t be TOO hard, right?


Come on humor me. And if it’s still a flop this month, we shall never speak of it again. Have a fabulous weekend!!

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