Writing Links: Best of the Web 3/26 – 3/29

Writing Links: Best of the Web 3/26 – 3/29

Best Writing LinksBest links from around the web this week! Have a great weekend, and happy reading!

1. The Best Way to Begin a Writing Career – Jeff Goins Writer

The best place to practice your writing skills is by writing for magazines. Find out why it’s important to write for websites and magazines etc. 


2. 7 Reasons Your Muse Isn’t Talking to You – The Write Practice

Being a good lover to your muse and working on your relationship with her/him can get your far in your writing career. Learn how. 


3. Bestselling Women Authors Discuss Women Writing – Jane Friedman

A 2-minute treasure trove by bestselling female authors for aspiring women writers. 


4. Writing Tips: Guns, Bullets And Shooting With J. Daniel Sawyer – The Creative Penn

Want to write action thrillers but have never fired a gun? Listen to a podcast or watch the video of Joanna Penn interviewing J. Daniel Sawyer on his latest book, “Throwing Lead” which gives writers a feel for how it feels to hold and shoot a gun and more.

5. Mass Effect: the Story is the Game – Terrible Minds

Yes, this article is about the Mass Effect, the game – and it’s about Angry Birds. But is it? Something about it makes you sit up and think. How important is the ending of your book? If readers are hooked right from the beginning, don’t you owe them a satisfying ending? If this is how frustrated a disappointing ending leaves a gamer imagine a person who just read through your book only to find out it has no logical, conclusive ending. 


6. When Not to Tell Your Character’s Backstory – Word Play

Writers tell the back story of a character only in exceptional cases. For most, it’s not a good idea to let too much be known because it can detract from the main storyline. 

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