Writing Links, best of the web 4/2-4/6

Writing Links, best of the web 4/2-4/6

Best Writing Links

I’m in England! As we speak my father is feeding my husband smelly blue English cheeses.. I feel I must rescue him. Here are some great links from around the web this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend – it’s nice to be home!

Writing Lessons from the Newsroom – Jeff Goins Writer

5 lessons in writing from a newsroom journalist.

3 Reasons to Write Stream of Consciousness Narrative – The Write Practice

Faulkner may have been your least favorite guy in school but stream of consciousness exercises really helps get into the head of your character.

Writers Should Struggle Against Style – Jane Friedman

Don’t be a slave to your style. Find a way to look at the world in a different way to bring more creativity to your writing.

6 Ways Bloggers Can Avoid a Visit from the Grammar Police – The Creative Penn

Blogs are not meant to be perfect pieces of writing. They are a way for a writer to get what’s on their mind out of the way – a place to unwind and relax. Occasional typos and grammatical mistakes will happen. But too many and the Grammar police will get on your case.

Violence, Brutality, and Death: Dark Fiction and Why I Love It – The Creative Penn

Being drawn to writing dark fiction doesn’t mean a writer is aggressive with a cannibalistic tendency.

How to be a Fulltime Writer: A “25 Things You Should Know” Investigative Report – Terrible Minds

The title says it all – you must know what you are getting into before quitting your regular job to take on writing fulltime.

Signs Your Character Is Wasting His Potential – Word Play

Merely establishing that your character has certain traits is good but what’s great is if you can use every opportunity during your book to leverage those traits.

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  1. You always manage to grab the most amazing links from around the web for your round-ups. You certainly create a one-stop shop for those of us interested in the writing industry.

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