Writing links from around the web! 5/04/2012

Writing links from around the web! 5/04/2012

Best Writing Links

It’s that time of the week already… best writing links from around the web is our weekly Friday feature. How Friday rolls around so quickly each week I’ve no idea, but I’m not complaining!

Have a wild weekend, whatever you’re up to. I’ll be watching a belly dancing performance at a friend’s birthday party, and no doubt enjoying some great middle eastern food. Yum!

– Laura


1.       When to Avoid Passive Voice  – The Write Practice

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Passive Voice is not always your best friend.

2.       C.S. Lewis on the Dirty Secret of Language – The Write Practice

Rules just don’t exist in language. Ask C.S. Lewis.

3.       Obsessing Over Your Manuscript’s Size  – Jane Friedman

Is word count keeping you awake at nights? You are not alone.

4.       How Do You Balance Writing With Platform Building?  – Writer Unboxed

Ask the expert – Jane Friedman answers the question about creating a balance between writing and platform building.

5.        The Beauty is in the Details, by Sherry Thomas – Romance University

Details are what bring out the divine in a story. Sherry Thomas explains why.

6.       Rock Your Writing with Checklists  – Word Play

If you want to write effectively make a checklist. It will save you a lot of trouble.

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