Can You Describe Your Novel in 6 Words?

Can You Describe Your Novel in 6 Words?


How would you describe your novel in 6 words?

Leave a comment below!

I’m feeling generous so if I choose your answer as the best one, I’ll send on a $10 Amazon giftcard.

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21 thoughts on “Can You Describe Your Novel in 6 Words?

  1. And the winner is… Jenny with:

    “She stole Aly’s life. Aly’s back.”

    This was so ridiculously hard to pick a winner!! But ultimately this was the line that really wanted me to read the book, and no other words or details were necessary.

    Congrats Jenny! The Amazon giftcard is making it’s way across the web & into your inbox.

  2. Ooh, this is fun! Here are two, one for my recently-completed novel and one for my recently-started one (I don’t mind if having two disqualifies me):

    She stole Aly’s life. Aly’s back.

    Don’t threaten my son. –Superhero Mom

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