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Critiquing 101

Critiquing is a skill that needs to be learned, and does not come naturally, even to the most seasoned of writers. Before beginning a critiquing relationship, we recommend that you check out these articles on the why’s and hows of Critiquing .



Ladies Who Critique‘s 3 Golden Rules of Critiquing

 – Why Have a Critique Partner?

 – How to Choose the Perfect Critique Partner 

 – Critiquing Fiction (Article by Victory Krayne)

 – A List of Things to Look Out for/ Request in a Critique

 – 7 Tips on Giving a Great Critique

 – Maintaining a Happy & Healthy CP Relationship 

 – Communicating With Your Critique Partner  (Logistics & Etiquette)

 – What Should I Expect From a Critique? (Article by Becky Levine)

 – Assessing Critiques (Article by Natalie Whipple)

 – Problems You Might Encounter With Your Critique Partner & What to Do About It 


Further Reading


 If you are new to critiquing, or even if you are not, we recommend: The Writing and Critique Group Survival Guide by Becky Levine.

 In it you’ll find great advice on The Basics of a Critique Group, How to Critique Fiction, How to Critique Non- Fiction,  How to Critique Books for Younger Children, How to Revise & Self-Edit From a Critique, How to Maintain Your Critique  Relationships.

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